Five Years Since Ferguson and Baltimore

Eric Jenkins Socialist Alternative, USA 

Italy: The Autonomous Collective of Dock Workers of Genoa Appeals for...

Resistenze Internazionali Italian section of ISA 

Germany: Farce in Thuringia State Parliament

Article by the Editorial board of Sozialistische Alternative — SAV, the ISA in Germany

Ireland: An Historic Election

Socialist Party statement ISA in Ireland 

Russia: Putin launches a creeping constitutional coup

Rob Jones, Sotsialisticheskaya Alternativa (CWI in Russia)

Shortages and expensive prices. Medicines and vaccines: the market makes us...

his article by a trade union shop-steward in a major pharmaceutical company was first published in Lutte Socialiste/De Linkse Socialist, monthly paper of PSL/LSP – the CWI in Belgium.

Greece: Wave of repression and attack on workers’ and democratic rights

Eleni Mitsou Xekinima – Internationalist Socialist Organization, CWI Majority in Greece

Cyprus rape case outrage: Stop the victim blaming

Fight to overturn the verdict – fight sexism and for socialist change Joint statement from sections of the Committee for a Workers’ International in Cyprus;...

Xekinima youth members arrested and charged with fake charges in a...

Nikos Anastasiadis & Eleni Mitsou from Xekinima – “Internationalist Socialist Organization”- CWI Majority’s Greek section

Ambulance workers in Ireland fighting for trade union recognition

Katia Hancke, Socialist Party Ireland

Iran: When the masses deposed a dictator

The 1979 revolution didn’t have to end in a religious state

Never Again! 6 Years after the murder of the antifascist artist...

It's been 6 years since the 18th September 2013, when in a working class neighbourhood of Athens, a Golden Dawn death squad murdered the antifascist artist...

Where is Mexico Going?

Mauro Espínola and Luis Enrique Barrios, Alternativa Socialista (CWI in Mexico)

South Africa: Fight against xenophobia and scapegoating

By Newton Masuku, Mametlwe Sebei and Phemelo Motseokae – Workers and Socialist Party (South Africa)

Collapse of the Soviet bloc 1989

Rob Jones – Sotsialisticheskaya Alternativa (sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Russia)