Grèce: Les meurtriers d’E. Topaloudi sont coupables des peines maximales, une...

La décision du tribunal a jugé coupables à l'unanimité les deux accusés pour le viol collectif et le meurtre d'Eleni Topaloudi

Neoliberalism: demise or adaptation?

Vlad B. (Socialismo Revolucionario - ISA in the Spanish state)

Never Again! 6 Years after the murder of the antifascist artist...

It's been 6 years since the 18th September 2013, when in a working class neighbourhood of Athens, a Golden Dawn death squad murdered the antifascist artist...

Greece: Wave of repression and attack on workers’ and democratic rights

Eleni Mitsou Xekinima – Internationalist Socialist Organization, CWI Majority in Greece

Creating an International Arts Festival to fight the far right

Solidarity Park is a memorial for the International Brigaders of the Ciudad de Barcelona, a ship that was sunk by fascists in the Spanish...

Trotsky: the speech in Copenhagen- November ‘32

Trotsky: the speech in Copenhagen- November ‘32

Collapse of the Soviet bloc 1989

Rob Jones – Sotsialisticheskaya Alternativa (sister organisation of the Socialist Party in Russia)

Italy: Social and class impact of Covid 19 – Interview, Giuliano...

“Xekinima” spoke with Giuliano Brunetti, from Resistenze Internazionali (International Resistance – ISA Italy) about the situation in Italy today in the midst of the...

It’s time for Spotify to pay

Giorgos Lygouriotis

Iran: When the masses deposed a dictator

The 1979 revolution didn’t have to end in a religious state

Grief and Rage in the Rhineland — Nationalise RWE

Claus Ludwig, member of SAV in Cologne (ISA section in Germany)

War Intensifies in Panjshir, legacy of the capitalist regime’s crisis

Αnnouncement of the Revolutionary Marxists’ Tendency of Afghanistan

The ISA debate on socialist feminism, May 2021 – the majority...

The International Committee of the ISA voted at its meeting of May 5 and 6, the “Code of Conduct” presented below, aiming to tackle...

Why we disaffiliate from the ISA – Open letter by the...

Open letter by the ISA sections in Greece, Turkey and Cyprus

Italy and Coronavirus: As Virus Spreads, Workers Forced to Strike

Giuliano Brunetti Resistenze Internazionali — ISA in Italy

Italy – Coronavirus: Bosses Sabotage Fight Against Covid-19

Giuliano Brunetti, Massimo Amadori Resistenze Internazionali — ISA in Italy