[UPD] Trade unionists, MPs, councilors from 13 countries demand the release of Toomaj Salehi

[This article has been updated to include more signatures that have come through]

Toomaj Salehi is a 33-year-old rapper and metalworker in Iran. On April 24th 2024, he was sentenced to death on the charge of “Corruption on Earth”. Shahrokh Zamani Action Campaign launched a campaign to gather signatures of trade unionists and other public figures of the Left and the movements with the aim to stop his execution. The campaign is still ongoing- please add your signatures and read more about the case here.

Today we indicatively publish 63 signatures from 13 countries which include MPs from Ireland, councilors from Greece and Sweden, representatives of left-wing organisations from different countries, academics and trade unionists from all over the world.

We will keep up the pressure until all political prisoners in Iran are freed!


Wouter Gysen – Member of the Executive Committee of the Socialist Railway Union ACOD Spoor Antwerpen

Tina De Greef – Trade Union (ACV Plus)

Laurent Grandgaignage – BBTK-ABVV Antwerpen

Eddy Decreton – Acod onderwijs (Teachers’ Union)

Filip De Bodt – LEEF! Herzele

Walter Leonard – Teacher, CWI

Czech Republic

Petr Jindra – OSPEA Union


Marina Pagiatsou – Member of PASYDY – Pancyprian Public Servants’ Trade Union

Nick Brown – Founding Member of United for Palestine Cyprus

Christine Savvidou – Member of PEO – Cyprus Workers Federation

Athina Kariati – New Internationalist Left – NEDA

Murat Kanatli – Secretary of YKP – New Cyprus Party

Umut Ersoy – Secretary of Bağımsızlık Yolu – Path of İndependence – δρόμος της ανεξαρτησίας

Vasiliki Kolliopoulou – Doctor


Silvia Habekost – Nurse, trade unionist


Valia Tsirigoti – Sociologist

Spyros Skamnelos – Ministry of Culture Employee’s Union (Member of the National Council)

Zisis Sourlas – Student union member

Marianthi Kipridou – Member of the General Council at the Panhellenic Federation of Workers at the Ministry of Culture

Stella Chondromatidou – Board member of the Hospital Doctors Union of Thessaloniki 

Adamandia Kerameida – Councilor in the City of Sykies, Thessaloniki, with the “A different city” local coalition 

Dionysis Christopoulos – Workers Union of Musicians of the Athens Municipality Philharmonic Orchestra

Kypraiou Maria – Councilor in the city of Sykies, Thessaloniki, with the “A different city” local coalition 

Stamati Magaliou – Member of the Board of Directors of the Teachers’ Association “ARISTOTELIS”

Yiannis Glarnetatzis – Chairman of the Thessaloniki’s Bookstores Employees Trade Union

George Giannopoulos – Editor 

Giorgos Prentzas – Elected trade unionist at the Ministry of Culture 

Tasos Lazaridis – Elected representative in the Medical Visitors Union

Eleni Mitsou – General Secretary of Xekinima (Internationalist Socialist Organisation)

Kostas Pashalidis- President of the Association of Greek Archaeologists at the Ministry of Culture


Paul Murphy TD, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Gino Kenny TD, Gerry Carroll MLA – People Before Profit

Jimmy Kelly – Connect Trade Union

Ciaran Crossey – University staff

Ciaran Mulholland – former leader of Socialist Party Northern Ireland


Luca Scacchi – University Researcher, General Assembly CGIL [The roots of the Union platform]

Eliana Como – General Assembly CGIL [National Spokeswoman of “The roots of union” platform]

Marco Veruggio – Journalist, PuntoCritico.info

Giorgio Cremaschi – NEC Potere al Popolo

Giordano Sepi – Blogger

Maurizio Acerbo – general secretary Rifondazione Comunista


Dimeji Macaulay – Trade Union organiser

Salako Kayode opeyemi – Unionist Admin official

Yusha’u Sani Yankuzo, Esq. – Legal Practitioner

Akinkunmi Olawoyin – EC Member, CWA (IMT in Nigeria)

Idaevbor Bello – Teaching Trade Union

Ade-Adewunmi Adeoye – Human rights activist


Amalia Epure – Socialist Action Group

George Zamfir – Căși Sociale ACUM / Social Housing NOW

Eniko Vincze – University professor


Patrik Brännberg – City councillor city of Umeå (Workers Party Group)


Fang Chang – Secretary General International Socialist Forward

JJ Lin – Chairman of a student party Awakening Student


Ecehan Balta – Revolutionary Workers Trade Unions Confederation Member

Deniz Can Aydın – Representative of Socialist Democracy Collective Association

Çiğdem Özbaş – Climate Justice Coalition Activist


Nigel Smith – Joint Secretary Calderdale Trades Union Congress

Pete Keal – Storyteller

Vladimir Bortun – Political Scientist

Roger Silverman – Workers International Network


Stephan Kimmerle – Member of SEA (Seattle Education Association), DSA

Nicholas Shillingford – Host at Socialist News and Views

Nick Wozniak – Member or SEIU 73

Marianne Anderson – Chicago Teachers Union

Michael Corsillo – Science teacher MORE UFT

Connor Brennan – Starbucks Workers United, International Socialist Alternative

Philip Locker – Member of DSA & Seattle Education Association

Reform and Revolution – Caucus within the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

Dan K. – Union worker, public sector

Sarah Milner – Reform and Revolution caucus of Democratic Socialists of America, Rank and File member, National Association of Letter Carriers

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