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Grèce: peine maximale pour viol collectif – encore une victoire!

Recueil de deux articles de Sophia Chatzifounta (ici et ici), de la section soeur de Campagne ROSA en Grèce, Xekinima

Fight the Three Plagues — Bolsonaro, the Pandemic and Social &...

Liberdade, Socialismo e Revolução (LSR — ISA in Brazil) 

Grèce: Les meurtriers d’E. Topaloudi sont coupables des peines maximales, une...

La décision du tribunal a jugé coupables à l'unanimité les deux accusés pour le viol collectif et le meurtre d'Eleni Topaloudi

Obituary for Greek socialist fighter, Giannis Vogiatzis 1960-2020

In the morning of May 14th, our comrade, brother and friend, Giannis Vogiatzis passed away after losing the battle against brain cancer of which...

International Workers’ Day – Capitalism is the Virus: Socialism is...

International Socialist Alternative, May Day statement

European Union – The Hypocrisy and Cynicism of the Rich

Andros Payiatsos Xekinima - ISA in Greece

Poland: Abortion Rights Under Attack in the Midst of Confinement

Adriana Kaczmarek Alternatywa Socjalistyczna (ISA in Poland)

Eastern Europe and the Covid-19 crisis

Interview with Vlad B., Mana de Lucru – ISA supporters in Romania

A New 1930s: Lessons for Workers and Socialists

Per-Åke Westerlund Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna — ISA in Sweden

Italy – Coronavirus: Bosses Sabotage Fight Against Covid-19

Giuliano Brunetti, Massimo Amadori Resistenze Internazionali — ISA in Italy

US #DemExit: Time to Launch a New Party Of, By, and...

Kshama Sawant Socialist Alternative — ISA USA

Italy and Coronavirus: As Virus Spreads, Workers Forced to Strike

Giuliano Brunetti Resistenze Internazionali — ISA in Italy

Five Years Since Ferguson and Baltimore

Eric Jenkins Socialist Alternative, USA 

Italy: The Autonomous Collective of Dock Workers of Genoa Appeals for...

Resistenze Internazionali Italian section of ISA 

Germany: Farce in Thuringia State Parliament

Article by the Editorial board of Sozialistische Alternative — SAV, the ISA in Germany

Ireland: An Historic Election

Socialist Party statement ISA in Ireland 

Russia: Putin launches a creeping constitutional coup

Rob Jones, Sotsialisticheskaya Alternativa (CWI in Russia)

Shortages and expensive prices. Medicines and vaccines: the market makes us...

his article by a trade union shop-steward in a major pharmaceutical company was first published in Lutte Socialiste/De Linkse Socialist, monthly paper of PSL/LSP – the CWI in Belgium.